Thursday, October 1, 2009


I officially admit I have a blogging problem. I literally SUCK at blogging. I dont know what it is. I LOVE to look at others blogs and I have alot going on with garrett me and little connor so I have stuff to blog... but do i do it?? NO.

anyway- here is to a new resolution to making at LEAST 1 post a month from here on out. and if you see me failing at this resolution kick me like a little ninja and tell me to BLOG!

k.... moving on....


On July 8, 2009 at 3:30 am I felt a large punch in my stomach, followed by a popping sound, followed by my water breaking!!

Garrett shot out of bed and asked if I was alright and I said, "well- my water broke" and he got a BIG smile on his face and said "Do we have time to shower?" and i said, "Ya why not." so we totally showered got ready packed our bags and ended up at the hospital around 5.

Me leaving the house. Last time with the big ol belly..

At 6:30 I got PIT started. Wow isn't that stuff a blast??

The nurse kept coming in to check if I was dilated and I hadnt budged. So by 4:40 pm... ya about 10 hours on pit with NO epidural!! The nurse had mercy on my soul and decided it was time for an epidural. By midnight that night, I still hadnt dilated... yes. almost 24 hours... anyway- so I was approached with the decision to try to stay in labor for 3 more hours and then have an emergency c section, or just go ahead and have one. I think my exact words were "GET HIM THE HE*L OUT OF ME." Excuse the language, but at this point I was very upset, sick, tired, and all the other complaints of a pregnant woman in labor.
Garrett in his awesome C section clothing:

So at 1:05 am at a whopping 9 lbs 4 oz 20 inches long Connor Jaxon entered the world!

Isnt he cute? i think so. anyway- now he is 12 weeks old and he smiles and giggles and weighs 13 pounds!!


When Connor was three weeks old we decided to make a spontanious trip to Lake Powell and stay on my Grandma's house boat with the family.

Jenna and I with the new babies!

(ignore the post baby bump under my shirt)
anyway- it was a blast and we had so much fun!!
blogspot, I will update you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


These pictures weren't posted with my other blog, but i have to have them on here!

Thanks again jenna for a wonderful baby shower! it was totally fun! and your right- i should have taken my heels off for the picture since i look freakishly taller than you, but i love my heels :(

thanks to jenna, mom, kim, and everyone who helped!

Update Update!

Baby Shower and Belly Update!

well- alot has happened since i last wrote on here... i tell ya, i just suck at blogging. i want to be good at it like my dear older sister, but she just beats me hands down. she's the creative one! anyway- i dyed my hair brown! its pretty dark too and you know what? my grandparents didnt even notice! haha maybe its because i look alot like jenna and my mom now it didnt faze them, or they dont like it so they pretend they dont notice. ha who knows.
2nd- I am 28 weeks! well- 29 on saturday... 11 weeks to go... and you know what? it is going to be the longest 11 weeks of my life. i feel so uncomfortable and so big. but i shall not complain because every pregnant woman out there feels the same way as i do! i haven't swelled at all, or any stretch marks yet, so that has been a blessing. but i am waiting for my time! it is so amazing to feel my baby kick all day. Yes- sometimes it hurts like a bat out of hell, but really, i LOVE it. sometimes i will just be sitting feeling him kick, and i almost want to cry (not because of pain) but because i am so close to him. I feel his every movement and its just an amazing experience. garrett and i lay in bed and garrett will have his hand on my belly feeling him kick, and garrett says how lucky us women are. and you know, I AGREE!
3rd- we decided on a name....
Connor Jaxon Thayer
isnt it cute? we like it!
4th- my sister gave me an AMAZING baby shower. My mother in law kim let jenna throw it at her house, and we had alot of people come! thank you to everyone who came and i loved ALL of your gifts! It was doctor suess themed, and i thought it was so fun and clever! it was a lot of fun and i am grateful to have a wonderful sister who i just happen to be best friends with! i am so incredibly blessed with a loving family and awesome friends.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love my Husband!

I was feeling really sick the other day, you know i think its this whole pregnancy thing... ha jk. anyway- garrett came home from work and brought me sprite and these absolutely GORGEOUS flowers to make me feel better.

I love my husband... I LOVE YOU HONEY! You are so wonderful. You are the sweetest man I know and you are incredibly handsome and loving. I dont know what I would do without you. You Cute. :)


We were able to take a super fun trip to Arizona. Unfortunately we missed jenna's baby coming into the world! we even stayed 3 extra hours hoping she would deliver while we were in town, and when we were approaching vegas, we got the call saying she was here! my beautiful little neice. Such a doll and she has the cutest full lips. I love them!

We went to Arizona for Albert and Erica's wedding. Albert is one of Garrett's best friend, and it was really fun and spiritually uplifting to be in the sealing room with them when they were married. We also hung out alot with Zane and Emily, (Zane is Garrett's other best friend) and we had a ton of fun! One night we stayed out til after 2 am and went to Dave and Busters, along with going to Denny's. We hung out at Randi and Bart's house which was fun too! We were hoping Randi would have her baby while we were there, but she ended up having it Wednesday after we left.

Zane, Albert, and Garrett at Albert's Reception.Garrett and I outside the Mesa, Arizona Temple.

Emily and I at Dave and Buster's... at 1 am!

Cute little Annie sitting next to me in the car. :)

This is Randi's new little addition! Oliver is his name. SO CUTE! totally munchie. I love it. I got a neice and a nephew all in one week!! I'm so lucky! and then my little one comes into this world in july. then Jamie's comes into this world in October! fun baby year... Speaking of our baby, our baby weighs One pound, 4 ounces...I'm only 23 weeks!! i have a feeling he's going to be a big lil guy. I have gained 15 pounds since being pregnant, and its all in my belly. I'll put up a belly picture soon...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its a Boy!

Garrett and I are having a boy in July! I have never seen a man do that big of a happy dance until I saw Garrett saying over and over "We're having a boY!" hehe it was cute. So look out world, were going to have another male in this world that acts like garrett... oh boy...

i know i know...

I officially suck at this whole world of blogging. Its not that I want to suck at it, I just do. Garrett and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the st george temple on january 24th. It was so amazing! I am so grateful for my sister being there for me inside the temple, and I am SO grateful for my family who put together a wonderful luncheon for after the sealing. I was really emotional the day we were sealed. I don't know why, well I know why, but normally I don't get like that. True testimony builder.

I finally have a Belly shot. This is me at 16 weeks...

I am bigger now! I am 20 weeks on saturday. Half way done! I'm jealous that jenna is so cute. I hope hope HOPE I look cute like jenna when I'm 8 months pregnant. Or it will be one sad day...

I am working at Lava Ridge Intermediate School and Loving it! I only work two days a week (and every other friday) so Its nice to still be able to be at home as well. Garrett and I moved into a new house! its a 1400 sq ft town home and we have SO much extra room... And we put together our baby room :) Its really cute. Garrett was upset because now that we put the bassinet together he is baby hungry... Oh well :) Only 5 months to go love!

Can I even begin to tell you how much I miss having Coke?? I am dying! I drink caffiene free coca cola so I can overcome some of my addicting loving passion towards the soda but it is NOT the same. Just so everyone knows, as soon as I am done having this child, Someone better bring me a 64 oz coke with LOTS of ice to the hospital. . . .